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The Lunchbox

Ashwin looked at the clock hanging on the wall of his classroom. "Five more minutes to lunch" he thought even as Ranjan Sir who was wrapping up his class called out to him, "Ashwin, can you please do me a small favour? Can you please take these notebooks and keep them in the staff-room? You can then come and have your lunch. It will take you only five minutes." Ashwin readily agreed and collecting the notebooks from the desk proceeded towards the staff-room. Unlike other children, Ashwin didn't wait for the lunch break eagerly. He knew his lunch would be the staple combination of four pieces of plain bread with some sugar sprinkled over them. He didn't like eating the same and simple lunch everyday but he knew that this was the best his parents could manage. They were anyways going out of their way to get him educated in an English medium school. Ashwin was very well aware of their financial constraints. He never made a fuss or complained about this to hi

The Crowning Glory!

Am flustered, am worried, 'coz am losing my hair And my wife is behaving as if she just doesn't care! Am yet to touch fifty, ain't yet not in my golden year But my hair is fast disappearing which I just can't bear! Wifey looks at me and smiles, says why am I in despair  So what if I am losing some strands of silky hair! She loves me for who I am and not for how I appear  And that's why she's behaving like she just doesn't care! I look at her and smile, I know that she would always be there It won't actually matter whether I do or don't have hair! Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! ______________________________ P.S.: These lines were penned with inspiration from an actual conversation at home. Made this out as a fun element, but something which gives a very important message at the end. People who love you will always be there for you, irrespective of your physical attributes, social standing

Birthday Present

Suman was very excited since morning. It was her tenth birthday and there was a grand party arranged by her parents that evening. They had moved to Delhi from Mumbai recently and she was looking forward to celebrating her birthday that evening with her new friends from school and her housing society. "Mummy, we are getting late. We have to go to the market to buy my birthday dress. What is taking you so long?" Suman called out to her mother anxiously. Sakshi was at the kitchen preparing lunch and replied back to her daughter, "Suman, don't worry. We have enough time with us. All arrangements for the evening party are complete and the only thing pending is your dress. I am just waiting for your Papa to send over the car after he reaches office. We can then leave for the market to get your dress. So, don't be impatient and just inform me when Ramdin uncle comes back." Ramdin was their driver. He had been working for them for last eight months since

Roasted Chicken Recipe

Ingredients Pre-Marinade 1 whole chicken - Dressed Red Chilly Powder - 2 tsp Lemon Juice - 1&1/2 tbsp Salt to taste Marinade Hung Curd - 1/2 Cup Ginger-garlic paste  1& 1/2 tbsp Red Chilly paste -1/2 tbsp Kasuri Methi Powder - 1 tsp Garam Masala Powder - 1&1/2 tsp Red Chilly Powder - 2 tbsp Lemon Juice - 1/2 tbsp Mustard Oil - 1&1/2 tbsp Salt to taste Preparation Method Take the dressed whole chicken and with a meat knife make incisions on the chicken to allow the marinade to seep in. Over the chicken sprinkle two teaspoon red chilly powder, one and a half table spoon lemon juice and salt to taste. Rub the chicken well with the above ingredients covering the whole chicken and set aside. In a large bowl add half a cup hung curd, one and a half table spoon ginger garlic paste, half table spoon red chilly paste, one tea spoon kasuri methi powder, one and a half tea spoon garam masala powder, two tablespoons red chilly powder


यादें बीते हुए यादों से कोई दस्तक देता है  कुछ पुराने पन्ने फिर कोई खोल देता है  वो पल जिन्हें हम छोड़ आए थे कहीं दूर  आज फिर कोई उन्ही पलों को समेट लेता है    ज़िंदगी का सफ़र ज़िंदगी के इस सफ़र में कुछ फ़साने जोड़ता चला कुछ यादें, कुछ किस्से और कुछ कहानियाँ जोड़ता चला कभी जो थक के बैठेंगें किसी शाम तो खोलेंगें इन किस्से-कहानियों का पिटारा हम यारों के नाम बरसात  नभ बादलों से जब भर आए  मन खुशियों से तब तर जाए जो बरस पड़े बूँदें छम-छम उन्मत्त होके बस नाचे हम आंसू   आज फिर आंसू बेवफ़ाई कर गए तेरी याद आई और ये फिर बह चले आफ़ताब आफ़ताब की  रोशनी में ये इश्क़ हमारा यूँ कैद हुआ  न हम होश मे रहे न उन्हें होश मे आने दिया दर्दे-दिल  दर्दे-दिल की दवा माँगी थी उससे  उसने मुस्करा कर देखा और दर्द बढ़ाकर चले गए आँखों की  ज़ुबान हर बात ज़ुबान से कही नही जाती, कुछ काम आँखों पर भी छोड़ा करते हैं  खामोंशियों की भी अपनी आवाज़ होती है, उन्हें सुनने की भी कोशिश किया करते हैं जिंदगी जिंदगी को